reviving spiritual values ​​through the production of social feature films


Golden Marmota Production


The strategic focus of our film company is social cinema, aimed at strengthening the institution of the family, human values.

Each of us has brothers, sisters, children, nephews, grandchildren are growing up. It is not always possible to reach out to them, to be heard. Informational permissiveness has led to lack of spirituality, creating an abyss between representatives of different generations. This was also influenced by the lack of institutions of collective management and education (pioneers, Komsomol, etc.). Permissiveness, information planting and the influence of Western sources of information, as well as the uncleanliness of some domestic ones, which are based on the financial component and mass character, lead young people away from important values, among which are respect for the older generation, the correct understanding of sports, “gentleness” in relation to the weaker sex … Much is viewed through the prism of money-commodity-money. Family values ​​lose their meaning, teenagers have the foundation knocked out from under their feet, an independent search for a path sometimes leads to disastrous consequences: alcohol, drug addiction, prostitution, suicide.

Our task is to reach out to the hearts and minds of the younger generation through feature films, to return the correct attitude to sports as a tool for character building through body culture, to change attitudes towards learning, to overcome difficulties, and to help in the dialogue between “fathers and children.”

Who are we?


Producer, founder

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Who are we?


She was born in Grodno on February 18, 1966. In 1988 she graduated from the Minsk Radiotechnical Institute. In 1991 – “Belarusfilm” administrator. In 1993, she worked on the series “Damn Cozy Home”. In 1999 she participated in the creation of the film “In August 44th …”
Mikhail Ptashuk.
From 2002 to 2008 – the Ugra TV company as an executive producer of films and serials, one of which is Franz + Polina, which has won many prizes at domestic and foreign film festivals. From 2010 to 2018 – executive producer of the Pike film company, takes part in the creation of the series “Monogamous”, “Cry of the Owl” (FSB of Russia award), “Family Album”, “Martha’s Line”, “Free Diploma”.


FSB Prize of the Russian Federation
("Franz + Pauline")

Golden Eagle Award
("Franz + Pauline")

First Prize of The Hollywood Reporter magazine (2013) - in the category "Image of the Year" (Maria Mironova) ("Franz + Polina")


Born in Latvia in a military family on 08/22/1967, Youth Theater (theater for young spectators), Minsk since 1979. to 1984 MAST 1985, refused the postponement and was drafted into military service in the SA. After a year of military service in 1986, he entered the military school of the VITU of the Navy in Leningrad, graduation in 1991, a career reserve officer. In 2013 he graduated from the directing department of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in Minsk. Laureate of the Odessa International Film Festival (2012-2013) in two nominations as a director. Songwriter and performer of two music videos. More than a hundred acting works in television and film projects of the Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, France, Holland, Ukraine, Afghanistan and Iran. Has experience as a producer and director.




SVR GRU GSh Prize November 2020. Moscow

Laureate of the Odessa International Film Festival 2013

Laureate of the international festival of screen and stage skills "Kinologos" Odessa 2012.

From the Union of Military Intelligence Veterans of the GRU General Staff November 2020. Moscow

From the union of veterans of military intelligence from 15 February 2021.

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Producer, founder

The series "Serf" - the main role of Potap
"Blvd Shevchenko 32" - executive producer, leading actor
"Chronicle of besieged Leningrad" - author's film
Promotional video for the film "Sons"
Documentary "Afghanistan 1979. Ask those who fought"
Виктор Бабак-Сюжет-фильм The plot-film “Hounds. Chkalov's last flight "
Author's song and author's clip. Filmed in Afghanistan
Victor Babak - bard song
Feature film "Any trash"
The series "State Border"
Шоурил 2019 дополненый Victor Babak - showreel-2019
Excerpt from the film "Family Detective"
Action "Flight"
"On the set with Alexander Ratnikov"
The plot "Good name" with Marat Basharov

Creative producer

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Born in St. Petersburg on 19.09.1997. Gymnasium “Alma Mater” graduation year 2015, Moscow. “Institute of Contemporary Art”, Moscow graduated in 2020. Worked as a production director: “Lenin is always with me”, “At the ravine”, “Just Meat”, “Cradle”, “Ispoved bar”, “Light of vibrations” … Participant of the festivals: Portobello Film Festival (UK, 2019), Blow-Up (USA, 2019), Amur Autumn (Russia, 2019), New Harvest (Russia, 2019 – Organizers’ Choice award “(Russia 2020),” Saint Anna “(Russia, 2017).

Work experience:

  • assistant director in the series Anatomy of a Murder (directed by Arthur Romanian)
  • second full-length director “Love in Winter” (directed by Sergei Kudryavtsev)
  • cameo in the series “Cipher” season 2 (directed by Vera Storozheva)


Diploma-certificate of the film forum "World of Festivals" 2015, Moscow

Diploma of the "International Academy of Television and Radio" 2016, Moscow

Special prize "Festival of Young Cinema" 2019, Moscow

Prize-diploma of the film festival "Saint Anna" 2017, Moscow

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